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Shanghai Hao Yuan Industrial Co., the company's original brand Maancat Coffee coffee, have the brand trademark registration certificate. There are hundreds of stores in the country, in the large business super and comprehensive business circle store. Maancat Coffee location is the iconic romantic cafe "from the cat star experiential cafe, with cats as the theme of the two dimensions of culture, with" diffuse "experience design theme," Dongfeng, Xi fan, Maancat Coffeestyle "fusion style. In the coffee industry, it is unique, warm and full furnishings, open on-site production atmosphere, wonderful and romantic environment, enjoying pure coffee in cheerful music. "Excellent temperament" set the cat into Maancat Coffee coffee shop in diffuse field style so that customers really feel free to recover the original simplicity and easy life, enjoy unlimited life story play, diffuse.

Maancat Coffee

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Rabecca Ali

Rosy Carl

David Martin

Reena Scot

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Provide "third space", let the city people return to simple, taste more healthy, more beautiful heart life.

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Let the global Chinese understand the "sweet in the bone", forming unique, unique brand experience.

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